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Noi Sirius Chocolate, pure icelandic chocolates

Icelandic Chocolate


Established in 1920, Noi Sirius is Iceland's leading confectioner manufacturer producing many types of premium chocolate. The delicious taste of the milk chocolate is due to the special breed of Viking cow native to Iceland that free roam the country side grazing and drinking the purest glacial water in the world. E&B's NATURAL WAY imports four bars: 33% Milk Chocolate, 45% Semi Sweet, 56% Bitter Sweet and 70% Extra Bitter. The bars are all natural, use for baking and also perfect just to snack.

Icelandic Provisions


Born in Iceland, Skyr was created out of the need for a nourishing provision. Packed with more protein than yogurt, Skyr is an Icelandic dairy product made with the purest ingredients.



SMJOR Icelandic Butter

Icelandic Butter


Icelandic Creamery Butter is manufactured from fresh pasteurized cream, which has been produced from fresh top quality Icelandic milk. The butter has rich smooth flavor and texture, making it easier to spread. E&B's NATURAL WAY imports salted and unsalted butter that lasts 52 weeks refrigerated.


Iceland Lamb, naturally raised lamb products

Icelandic Naturally Raised Lamb


Sheep farming in Iceland is as old as the settlement of Iceland itself. To this day farmers are rearing their sheep by a method established by centuries of tradition, with most farms still family-owned and operated. The lambs are entirely reared outdoors. Their natural diet of sedge, willow, thrift, mass campion, and berries makes the Icelandic lamb instantly recognizable for its delicious and distinctive taste.


Seaweed Iceland, Atantic Kombo Sea Weed and Dulse Seaweed

Icelandic Seaweed


Seaweed Iceland's seaweed grows wild and is harvested by hand from pure and pristine Icelandic waters. The products are dried using renewable geothermal energy to bring you the highest quality food source with a low carbon foot print. Seaweed Iceland is located in Grindavik, a small fishing village on the southern coast where they harvest high quality seaweed that is sold in specialty stores. E&B's NATURAL WAY imports two types of seaweed: Atlantic Kombu and Dulse. Please check the web site for great recipes.

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